About SWAN

Ex-Kamlari girls, in front of SWAN office. (Photo: SWAN)

We are a non-governmental and non-profitable organization working for socioeconomic development in the Dang district of mid-western Nepal. Our aim is to improve the life standard of poor and marginalized local communities. We were established in 1994 and since then we have worked with community mobilization to empower excluded groups, focusing on issues of land rights and the Kamlari and Kamaiya practices of bonded labour.

Together we are working to support landless people and Kamlari/Kamaiya domestic workers and to strengthen their economic and cultural rights. We have conducted various projects concerning for example economic inclusion, income generation, food security, land rights and female empowerment. Our target groups are mainly landless people, people of low caste (Dalit and Janjati), children, women and Kamlari or Kamaiya workers.

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